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Hello friends, are you looking for Whatsapp Group Links?

If yes, then this article is for you. Here, we have shared Indian best and active whatsapp group links for different categories like

In our lives, the usage of WhatsApp group is increasing day by day. It is the world’s number one application for calling and chatting. It has become very important for the people of every department. Every student, friend, office colleague and even family members have their own groups on WhatsApp so that they can talk, discuss, share photos and keep in touch.

All should be regularly updated with news and should also be aware of national and international affairs. News is the most important topic of our life. If you want to know the latest news, then you need to visit news blogs or news channels. But you can also get the latest news through news groups on WhatsApp. You can check the list below where you can find the active news Whatsapp Group Links.

News WhatsApp Groups links

If you are a PUBG lover, then these groups below are for you. We have collected the latest and active 100+ PUBG WhatsApp group links for your favorite mobile games. You can get help, tips and friends for PUBG games.

PUBG WhatsApp Groups links

Latest active Funny WhatsApp group links are given in the below list.

Funny WhatsApp Group links

More WhatsApp Group Coming Soon…

All these group link girls whatsapp group links. In this article I have provided the link Indian Girls Whatsapp Group

Girls WhatsApp Group links

Here are some top technology WhatsApp group links with latest technology news and updates and insights of gadget reviews. Spreading unbiased information on the Internet is a bit difficult, so the Tech WhatsApp group let people share their thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Technology WhatsApp Group links
  • Error – Link
  • Digital Marketing – Link
  • Global Technology – Link
  • YouTubers Group – Link
  • Looters Island – Link
  • Technology For You – Link
  • Web Development – Link
  • PsychoTech – Link
  • Cyber Army – Link
  • $$ Community – Link
  • Cc & Products – Link
  • Internet Jankari – Link
  • Learn Earn Grow – Link
  • Bitcoin Knowledge – Link
  • CryptoCurrency – Link
  • Technical Rajendra – Link
  • Savings & Investment – Link

Are you a cricket lover? If yes, then join sports whatsapp group for latest match scores and latest updates. We have listed below the latest and active cricket lover Whatsapp group links.

Sports WhatsApp Groups links

Hey guys! Are you looking for Kerala Whatsapp group? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, you will find many Whatsapp Group Links for Kerala and you can join this group absolutely free.

Kerala WhatsApp Group links
Tik Tok WhatsApp Group links

Are you a digital marketer? Here, we have shared some WhatsApp group links for digital marketing. From this group you can get digital marketing tips like social media marketing, email marketing, online earning, lead generation, affiliate marketing and more.

Digital Marketing WhatsApp Groups links

Online shopping, Recharge and other offers whatsApp group links are given in the below list.

Offers WhatsApp Groups links

For shayari lovers, whatsapp group Links is the best place to share shayari

Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

If you will be preparing for any competitive exam then you can join a study group on WhatsApp and get lots of suggestions. Here, we have shared the best and active study whatsapp group links in the list below.

Study WhatsApp Group Links

Find the List of USA WhatsApp Group Link 202020 below. Join USA WhatsApp Group.

USA WhatsApp Group Links

Viral diseases are quite common, and in many cases they are not even a threat to human life, as in the case of the common cold. However, over the years, we have seen terrible cases of various viral infections like Zika virus, Swine flu, Ebola, Rotavirus etc. Currently, we have another strain of the virus, known as the corona virus, which has become one of the most dangerous viruses due to its ability to spread rapidly and lead to extremely severe cases, including some Cases also include death.

Corona Virus Whatsapp Groups Links

Coming Soon

Interested in the latest Bollywood movies and want to get a grip of the Bollywood collection? we’ve got you covered. For you, we have got a large number of WhatsApp group links for movies, which will help you stay updated on all the new movies. Whether you are interested in Hindi cinema or you are watching new Tamil movies, Telugu movies or Odia movies, you can find them on the WhatsApp group link listed on this blogpost. Groups are amazing because they help you interact with other people who are interested in the same things as you.

MOVIES WhatsApp Group Links

Do you want to speak English again and again? After many researches, we have established a lot of active WhatsApp group links to learn English. In these groups you can also learn English grammar and can help you practice English for competitive exams.

Computer Science WhatsApp Group Links

Find out the Computer Science Whatsapp group link to learn programming language and gain knowledge about code.

Join computer science WhatsApp groups for free courses and help. Ask about doubt and members will certainly help to help.

Computer Science WhatsApp Group Links

Every year millions of job seekers search for government jobs in India. Thus, government job is the first choice of every interested candidates, who are looking for a new job.

So, if you want to get details about various government jobs through WhatsApp group and prepare yourself, then you should join the government job Whatsapp Group Links.

How to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

-Tap on the Group name.
-Now to create group link, just click on “Invite via Link”.
-WhatsApp group invite link will be generated automatically.

 How to join WhatsApp group through invite links?

Join WhatsApp group through “WhatsApp Group invite link” is very easy and simple steps. To join whatysapp group follow the below steps:
1. Choose the WhatsApp Group you want to join.
2. Next, click on the invitation link to join the group.
3. You will be redirected to new tab.
4. Then, click on the “Open WhatsApp” button.
5. You will be redirected to a popup window. Here, you can see the group name, icon and join group button.
6. Finally, join the group by clicking on the “Join Group” button.

How to create invite link for whatsapp group?

To create WhatsApp Group Invite Link, follow the below steps:
1. Open the group on WhatsApp.
2. Click on the group info, which available under settings.
3. Next, click on the “Add Participant”.
4. Then, click on invite group via link.
5. Now wait for a few seconds and the link will be created successfully.

We hope that the above article on Whatsapp Group Links will help you a lot. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends through social media. You can also subscribe to statusyatri.com to receive notification when publishing a new article.

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